Offf is finished so we thought we could post a little report of the festival. We didn’t attend the festival this year but we really want to support the Offf team for organising such a great festival every year for twelve years now.

As always they selected amazing artists to speak on stage and to create the main title.
Offf title sequence is one of the most awaited short film to be realeased each year and are a real trend-setter for the whole industry. Remember the titles created by Prologue films, VasavaRob Chiu and Chris Hewitt, Post-Panic, The Mill, Dvein, Physalia, Renascent, One-Size, Julien Vallée, Kultnation

This year Brosmind and Upper First created a title sequence that had a great success.

You can also watch the conference they did for Offf Cincinnati in October.  “This is our momento”