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Title Sequence for Voxel Show. an architectural event held in Sao Paulo Brazil, June 12th, 2010.

Direction, Design, Animation – Boca Ceravolo
Sound Design – CypherAudio
Additional Design – Henrique Folster
Research And Development – Ryan Uhrich

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2D / Cutout animated film thriller from Sweden

” Metropia takes place in a not-so-distant future. The world is running out of oil and the underground train systems have been connected into a gigantic subway network beneath Europe. Whenever Roger from Stockholm enters this system he hears a stranger’s voice in his head. He looks to the mysterious Nina to help him escape the disturbing web of the Metro, but the further they travel, the deeper he’s involved in a dark conspiracy.”

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In their video Muse, Field is remixing their private digital scrapbooks from the last 3 years. A flood of inspiring images and references is transformed into an ocean of colour.

Commissioned by Netfilmmakers Gallery, Copenhagen.
Soundtrack by David Kamp
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ASCENSION by Chris Lavelle

By Chris Lavelle

“The finished piece. An experimental piece based around particle system generated by music and sound, pieced together to create a narrative of a cycle of life. Hopefully reflecting warmth, confusion discomfort and peace. This is the final version. Using Trapcode particular 2 and after effects. oh! and soundkeys.”

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The city district Amsterdam Osdorp recently merged with Slotervaart and Geuzenveld-Slotermeer and was given the name Amsterdam Nieuw-West. This change also meant the end of 20 years of restructuring urbanized areas. To celebrate everything achieved, a book was published. ‘The Metamorphosis of Osdorp’ gives an overview of the architectural highlights.

PlusOne was asked to create an intriguing video.

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” Universal Everythings Matt Pyke combines generative design and retro-futuristic low-polygon modeling to chart the abstract journey behind the development of Brazils newly-designed 2010 National Team Jersey.”

Directed by Matt Pyke at Universal Everything
Animated by Chris Perry & Tommi Eberwein at Universal Everything
Sound by Simon Pyke at Freefarm
Commissioned by Sartoria

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