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As always, the OFFF festival‘s main titles is stunning. From form created this title sequence in collaboration with Part of something and soundesigner Hecq. View Full Article »


Offf festival takes place in a few weeks in Barcelona so we thought it was time to take a look back at all these years of title sequence production.

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Back from Barcelona. In the footsteps of Devoid of yesterday, Prologue, the Mill, PostPanic present this year the OFFF Barcelona Main titles. An impressive title sequence created by Mischa Rozema, Ania Markham and Si Scott with a sound design by Hecq.

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Teaser 1, Barcelona Year Zero by Ignore, Sound Design by Hecq.

OFFF Festival begin the next week in Barcelona. View Full Article »

Fear/Love by Rob Chiu

After the three trailers, the Ronin present his short film Fear/Love.

“Three lives, three identities, three points of view. Set against the harsh backdrop of inner city London, Fear/Love interweaves the lives of three adolescents as they struggle with who they are, who they want to be and who they are becoming.”

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new music video from Hecq Vs Exillion : “Spheres Of Fury” by Tim Brown & Christopher Hewitt

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