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vallee duhamel samsung

Working with creative agency HeavenVallée Duhamel imagined the new ad for Samsung – “Creativity at Work” ” View Full Article »

A montage of 5 individual opening sequences by Polynoid with music and sound design by Michael Fakesch. View Full Article »

The gift  by Carl E. Rinsch and Big Lazy Robot

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” CHANEL invited Universal Everything to create a series of video artworks, in response to the 5 codes of Mademoiselle Chanel; Black & White / Pearls / Diamond Padding / Camellia / Art Deco.

The minimalist films were created to be adaptable to different display formats, from low-pixel building facades in Hong Kong and Tokyo, to retail LED walls in Shanghai and Los Angeles” Source Universal Everything
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After the impressive The Third and the Seventh, Alex Roman is back with this spot for Silestone.

Great elegant movie for this commercial work  100% CG. View Full Article »

New commercial film for Canon direct by Christopher Hewitt

Check the awesome making of

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