A montage of 5 individual opening sequences by Polynoid with music and sound design by Michael Fakesch.

Polynoid and Production company Blacklist collaborated with 343 Industries for the “Forward Unto Dawn” web series promoting the release of  Halo 4.

“The time lapse sequence was technically the most challenging. We spent a lot of time tweaking it; always trying to improve every shot simultaneously to guarantee a consistent quality for the overall piece,” Jan Bitzer source

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Animated Opening Sequence
Production company:Blacklist
Executive Producer:Adina Sales
Producer:Alexander Unick
Direction/Art Direction/Animation:Polynoid
Music/Sounddesign:Michael Fakesch
Artists:Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Bashir Hamid, Marco Kowalik, Csaba Letay, Sebastian Mayer, Fabian Pross, Egbert Reichel, Heiko Schneck, Carl Schroeter, Tom Weber

Live Action Series
Director:Stewart Hendler
Live Action Production Company:Laskey Productions, Inc.
Visual Effects Producer:Visual Effects Producer: Dave Moulder
Associate Producer:Jamieson Fry