Film4 has launched on-air brand identity with 16 new idents created by ManvsMachine.

The newshorts were shot in five locations across the Uk and Us including Brighton’s Grand hotel, a gas station in Califormia…

The films feature movie references and all of them were shot using a custom built in-camera device to create a moving film strip effect.

“The idents see the technique applied to cinematic live action compositions, presenting the Film4 logo in various locations. Each location/scene carefully crafted to elicit a variety of different moods. Idents begin ambiguously before seamlessly branching off into one of three possible endings, making minimal adjustments to shift the mood dramatically. Each of the idents is constructed from a vast array of film references and homages; from the iconic to the obscure.”Source ManvsMachine


” We developed a custom motion technique that would span graphic and live-action elements to give the package a visual signature beyond the logo. The original idea behind the technique was a contemporary take on a classic film strip/projector effect, but instead of being static, every ‘frame’ has its own life, depth and time. Our solution anchored around a visual device/technique that could run through all elements of the branding, from idents to simple logo animations, and typography. We tested this technique by mocking up a logo in a black corridor in 3D and passing our camera through, and the ‘living frames’ device was born. This simple test became the basis of everything we did from that day until delivery.” Source ManvsMachine


Behind the scenes


Concept, Design & Direction: ManvsMachine
Agency & Production Company: 4creative
Creative Director: Dan Chase (Channel 4)
Producer: Liz Arnott (Channel 4)
DoP: Alex Barber
Art Direction / Set Design: Simon Davies (UK) Max Orgell (US)
Post Production VFX: Analog
Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwss (Electric Theatre Collective)
Offline Editors: Alex Lea (Envy) Nick Armstrong (Envy)
Music Composition: Resonate