Buenos Aires February 2010

A film by Vincent moon
Images, sounds & edit by vincent moon
Mix by felix cristiano
Produced by temporary areas

” It was the beginning of summer in Buenos Aires. The city had begun to empty out, but still contained enough energy to make it easy to find 2 or 3 concerts every night in its different corners. We had to see as many as possible during these first few days, while we searched for euphony; keep the first week for listening and the second for filming.

Tomi Lebrero played one of those nights in a beautiful apartment that often opened its doors to a familiar crowd of neighbourhood folk musicians. A night in the good company of porteños, deep into the night when alcohol spilled into the last songs, and the next day one melody stuck in my head, the last melody, which the entire room had sung at the top of their voices.

When we travel for a long time, our relationships to objects and memories take another form. We can’t keep anything, add anything to our bags, without throwing away something else. The need to be precise in our choices applies itself to the experiences that we have daily while travelling, the small adventures we undertake and engage with during minutes, or hours, with other people. That’s how I approached Tomi – I wanted to leave Buenos Aires with this melody in my bag. It was more important than anything else at that moment – he had to play it. ”

Vincent Moon (real name Mathieu Saura) was born in Paris in 1979. At the age of 18, he decided he wanted to see it all, to learn things on his own, out of curiosity, even if that could have led to overfeedin. It took him almost ten years. From that experience, images came out, through photography first, which he studied under the influence of Michael Ackerman and Antoine D’Agata. At the time he used to put his photos in motion, using simple slideshows technics and music, to tell stories. Some years later, as he discovered the work of Peter Tscherkassky, he switched for good to video cameras. He made use of the Internet and developed various projects related to music, directing lo-fi videos for Clogs, Sylvain Chauveau, Barzin, The National. In 2006, overwhelmed by the beauty of Step Across the Border, directed by Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel, on the English guitarist Fred Frith, he created with Chryde the Take Away Shows project, La Blogotheque‘s video podcast (takeawayshows.com).