Physalia shared with us their last creation for IDN Magazine (v20n2), an experimental piece called Entropy  (sounddesign by Cypheraudio).

They shot 2000 pictures in stop motion, 2000 different water drops into which they mapped the animation. As usual in  Physalia’s work, the process is very interresting and documented, this time they decided to start a blog with an in-depht post about it. Watch more here.

“Entropy is the randomness of the microscopic constituents of a thermodynamic system, and a measure of the loss of information in a transmitted signal or message. It is heat death, it is inevitable social decline and degeneration- in a closed system, it is accountable chaos.” Source Physalia.

“When we got the offer from IdN to create an exclusive logo formation, as happens most times, we thought at first ‘wow, we would like to create something new and test it’. Then we started thinking about the formal shape of such a piece: short, including some animation for the logo. We wanted to find a vehicle for this format that would respect it and at the same time treat it in a different way. We had had in mind for a long time strobe light and water, a mix that renders water in real time in different ways unseen to the eye in normal conditions. We had also seen image projections in photography inside waterdrops, and then we thought “what if we could have both things, the logo formation inside a water drop falling? Could we have replacement animation inside a water drop-and still be able to see it?”. Once the thought enterred our heads, we just had to create a way!” Source Physalia.

Direction & Production: Physalia
Comissioned: IdN Magazine
Audio: Cypheraudio
Programming: Jordi Planas & Physalia
Making Of Pictures: Albert Treblah